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Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

 Hello and Welcome to DRRL FARM, Sandhill Acres, and LLM Goat Farm. 

We are Rob and Donna Miller, and live on a Ranch at  the tip of the beautiful Sandhills of North Central/Eastern Nebraska; along with our children Robbie and Lacie.  Our adventure with Dairy Goats started in 2013 at our local county fair.  As a family, we were walking through the petting zoo and our kids at that time feel in love with goats.  Our son Robbie said, "Dad, I want to show goats at the fair next year." So, as a family,  we started to research the different types of goat breeds there were and as a family, we decided to go with the Nigerian Dwarf dairy goat breed.   In July of 2013, we went to Whispering Tales Farm (Barbara Nissen & Scott Ellis) and got our first two Nigerian Dwarf Doe kids and the following year, our son Robbie showed Angel and Zena in his first ever goat show and fair in 2014.  We absolutely fell in love with this breed and after lots of discussion as a family, we decided to go back to Whispering Tales and got 5 more goats and from there, it has bloomed into what we have today for our registered Nigerian Dwarfs.

What an adventure this has been. Neither myself nor my husband knew anything about goats when we first started.  I spent hours either researching on the internet, reading books, and picking our mentors brain about everything there was about goats and we continue to learn new things every day.

 In the summer, we call this "Our Family Thing" since we are out and about showing our Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats.  Our kids are very involved in 4H as well as, participating at ADGA shows in the summer time. We try to go to at least one show a month from May-August. So yes our summers are busy but that is ok. 

We also believe in raising happy & heathy dairy goats that do well in the show ring, put milk in the pail, and have great dispositions. Our goals for our herd is to improve the next generation, look at confirmation of our goats from body to udder structures and think about how we can improve. To help us acheive this goal, we participate in ADGA's Linear Appraisal program.  Together, we look at the numbers and scores on everyone and determine what will be best for the herd during our breeding program.    We also look at our feeding program; to make sure we are providing the best nutrition we can to help maintain body conditioning and to achieve high milk production.  Therefore, our animals are handled daily to help us achieve our goals, daily and in the future.

We test yearly for CAE/Johnes; our animals are disbudded, tattooed, and Registered with American Dairy Goat Association; up to date with CDT Shots; and worming if needed.

We encourage our customers to ask questions and do not be afraid to contact us should issues arise once you have your goat home.  We are here to help as we all have started somewhere. 

Our contact information is at the bottom of this page.  We look forward to working with our present and future customers. Have fun looking around at our Farm Page







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PHONE: 402-843-0489

EMAIL: drrlfarm@gmail.com

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Members of American Dairy Goat Association, American Goat Society, & American Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Association